Briley 3Gun M-LOK Handguard - Beretta 1301 (Comp or Tactical) / A400 Xtreme

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Briley 3 Gun M-Lok Handguards offer several benefits to competitive shooters:

 Enhanced Ergonomics: The Briley 3 Gun M-Lok Handguard provides a firm and comfortable grip, allowing for better control and handling. It helps maintain a steady platform and absorb recoil more effectively, especially during rapid or repetitive shooting.

Improved Control: By providing a higher grip location on the shotgun the Handguard improves recoil control and transition speed. This is particularly beneficial in dynamic shooting situations, especially competitive shooting, where precise movements and strong muzzle control are crucial.

 Heat Dissipation: Briley 3 Gun M-Lok Handguards allow airflow around the barrel, helping to dissipate the heat generated during extended shooting sessions. This helps prevent discomfort or burns caused by barrel heat and allows shooters to maintain a secure grip without the risk of injury during shooting and strong hand reloads. The 6005 aluminum extrusion wraps above the top of the barrel to protect the shooter's support side thumb from barrel heat.

Accessories Integration: Briley 3 Gun handguards feature standard M-Lok slots to mount additional accessories like stage saver adapters, lasers, lights, or sling attachments, further enhancing the versatility and utility of their shotguns.

The 14” handguard weighs in at just 13.7 oz and is hard anodized flat black.

Both versions are the same length (14" overall), the difference is in the uncut area of the handguard.  The difference prevents excess gas from blowing out of the piston onto your hand.

The handguard ships fully assembled and installs directly in place of the factory forend with no modifications to the shotgun.

1301 Comp Pro
1301 Competition
1301 Tactical Original
A400 Xtreme (all 12 gauge versions) **ORDER 1301 COMP FOR ALL A400 XTREME MODELS

Does not Fit:

1301 Tactical MOD 2.  The 1301 Tactical Mod 2 with the 2-piece magazine cover will not currently work with our Handguard. If you use an aftermarket magazine cover with a base diameter of at least 1.375" the Handguard will work. We are working on a solution to use the factory magazine cover, but do not currently have an ETA.

A400 Lite

USA made and counts towards 922(R) Compliance