Velocitylok Belts Victory 1.5

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The Victory 1.5 is a unique, quick engage, quick release/adjust belt system that easily feeds through standard belt loops.

The belt is made of stiff scuba rated nylon webbing, making it waterproof, weatherproof, and sag-proof. Your belt will stay rigid, even with gear attached.

The buckle is made of extremely strong Delrin, and has been tested to withstand 500+ lbs. of force. The buckle mechanism is designed so that the more tension is pulled against it, the stronger the lock becomes, until you are ready to depress the finger latches and release the lock .

Weighing only 7 ounces (on average. Different sizes may vary), the Victory 1.5 belt is lightweight enough to work very well for everyday carry and rugged enough to withstand any harsh environment.

Weather you are a tactical shooter, an outdoors enthusiast, a skilled trades-person, or just someone who loves cool gear, you will love this belt.

NOTE: The 1.5" belts are designed to fit through the average belt loop. If your waist is in between listed sizes then we recommend to round up to the next size range.