Wingshooting, Putting More Birds in Your Bag (V10)

Price: $24.95
Wingshooting – Putting More Birds in Your Bag After years in the making, the most comprehensive video ever produced to teach you how to hit birds is now available! Not necessarily how to hunt them, but specifically how to hit them. Join professional wingshooters and instructors, Bruce Scott and Marty Fischer, hosts of the popular Shotgun Journal television series as they teach you the finer points of wingshooting. Here’s what you’ll learn: Choosing guns and loads Wingshooting basics – gun fit, gun mount, foot and body position Understanding lead pictures How to use your vision How to hit flushing birds How to hit decoying birds How to hit passing birds See what the shooter sees through the Sunrise Productions’ exclusive “Eye-Cam,” the most revolutionary wingshooting teaching tool ever developed! See the most exciting wingshooting action ever put on video! Learn how to hit doves, wild pigeons, Hungarian and red-leg partridge, ducks, geese, ptarmigan, quail and pheasants.