All American Trap Mitchel Loveless II, (V13)

Price: $69.95
There is not just one way to shoot trap, but definitely methods that have been proven successful! Mitchel Loveless, sixteen time All-American and 2011 Grand American All-Around Champion is not attempting to drastically change your style, but give you the information and tools needed to fine tune your game. Whether you're new to Trapshooting or reached a plateau and not sure what to try next, this video will show you where your shooting can improve. Mitchel not only explains his style of shooting, but also covers how one eyed shooters should approach the target differently. He explains the gun mount, the hold points, focus areas, how to move to the target, and he explains why you may need to make adjustments to your game depending on your reaction time. Another advantage of this presentation is that Mitchel covers all of the trap disciplines in detail. Mitchel starts with singles and then moves back to different yardages and covers the changes needed to be a successful handicap shooter. He then covers doubles with the same simple, no-nonsense approach.