Ladies Miz Mac Heatwave Mesh Vest Hot Pink, (MIZ-810S-HP)

Price: $140.99

MizMac “Perfect Fit” Mesh Vest with Genuine Leather


A shooting vest truly designed for women. Our unique

“Perfect Fit” mesh vest with adjustable Velcro waist

tabs allows full flexibility and comfort while shooting.

Expandable front pockets allow easy access to shells,

while the rear full width zippered mesh pouch holds

100+ hulls. The vest now comes standard with genuine

leather on the international shooting pad and pocket

trim for an even better fit and breathability. Add in the

ShockEater recoil pad for maximum shoulder protection

and you’ve got the perfect women’s shooting vest.

• Genuine leather pad and trim

• Form fitting elastic side panels

• Notched shoulder prevents pad movement when

shouldering gun

• Expandable front pockets with hidden snap

• Spare shell holders with Velcro tabs

• Internal recoil pad pocket

• Velcro waist adjustment tabs

• Internal zippered accessories pocket

• Lifetime Warranty