Briley “Raptor” 16.5” Ultra-lightweight 10/22 Rifle Barrel

Price: $249.95
  • Easy, no gunsmithing installation in all 10/22 based rifle platforms
  • Weighing 10 oz., it is ideal for speed steel shooting competitions, a lightweight field rifle or a young, developing shooter
  • A proprietary, hand cut chamber & crown and precision carbon steel rifling deliver match accuracy, reliability & performance
  • Due to its tapered & fluted design, the aircraft grade aluminum barrel sleeve is lightweight, stiff & cools easily
  • The stainless steel breech face tendon insures durability & longevity, virtually eliminating the “mushrooming” damage to the breech face, caused by the repeated impact & pounding from the 10/22 bolt cycling
  • The ½-28 TPI stainless steel muzzle allows accessories to be repeatedly installed & removed, without damage or wear to the threads.
  • Type 3 hard anodized