Warthog V-Sharp Classic II Elite Knife Sharpener (WAR/EC2BK)

Price: $109.99

The V-SHARP CLASSIC II ELITE is the same extremely popular Classic II with an added wooden base to make sharpening even easier! It uses two high quality, 325 grit diamond rods that sharpen the blade on both sides simultaneously using calibrated Spring Tension. Ideal for Kitchen, Fillet, Hunting and most other flat-blade knives. This high-quality model has durable powder coat finish.

Specifications for Warthog Sharpeners V-Sharp Classic II Elite Knife Sharpener:

Grit: 325
Fabric/Material: Wood, Steel
Package Type: Box
Weight: 709 g
Finish: Powder Coat

Features of Warthog EC2RD V-Sharp Classic II Elite Diamond Coarse Steel Powdercoat Red

  • Comes with wooden base!
  • 3 Adjustable Angles (20, 25 & 30)
  • 325 Grit Natural Diamond Rods
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Durable Powdercoat Finish
  • Finishing Steels