Azimuth AZTP-22™ Matched Barrel Receiver - Sporter 16” Threaded, Fluted 416R Barrel

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Our precision 10/22® type receiver/barrel combo features a CNC-machined receiver from aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum, with critical functional sections milled to tolerances as tight as .0005”. This true parallel receiver is engineered with a dual internal rail design to prevent bolt canting, and includes a matching bolt assembly and integrated Picatinny rail for accurate mounting of optics. Azimuth Technology techs carefully select an AZTP-22 Receiver and Barrel to be assembled as a mated pair with matching serial numbers to identify the set. The advanced receiver design, and stringent concentricity in our barrels are paramount factors for MOA accuracy.

Our Enhanced Bolt, only on select product codes offered below, is precision milled from 17-4 stainless, heat treated, then finished with a high hardness, low coefficient of friction coating. Features: round stainless or titanium firing pin; music wire spring; oil port at top of the bolt; and a “sharp” milled extractor. Our bolt is compatible with any 10/22® type OEM receiver and bolt handle assembly, or upgrade to our match model handle for a precision fit. This barreled receiver also come with a milled, heat-treated 17-4 V-block with pre-torqued hex screws. Each barreled receiver is hand assembled, and precisely torqued to 20 in.-lbs, with witness marks applied to each screw.

Every Azimuth Technology AZTP-22 Barrel begins as U.S. produced 416R stainless or 4150 steel, is precision button rifled, then chambered to Bentz match or Sport chamber dimensions. Each barrel is then custom lapped, utilizing HydraLap™, a proprietary honing and polishing process developed by Azimuth Technology – this revolutionary process enables us to exceed the performance of laborious hand lapping, in mirror finish and consistency, including the chamber. The barrel is turned, maintaining concentricity error values of .002" or less. This measured concentricity dampens vibration and provides near perfect harmonics… an important element in match-grade accuracy. All barrels come with 1 in 16 rifling, unthreaded or threaded (1/2 by 28) with thread protector, and an a 11° target crown.

Please note that due to the fact that the receiver has a dual rail design regular bolt handles cannot be installed. You will need a dual rail compatible bolt handle made by either Azimuth or other manufacturer. If you already have a bolt handle it can be modified to work. For more information on this please email [email protected]

10/22 Matched Barreled Receiver
10/22 Matched Barreled Receiver
10/22 Matched Barreled Receiver
10/22 Matched Barreled Receiver