Crio Plus Helix Hunter - 12 Gauge

Price: $84.95
100% Made in the USA
40+ Years in Business
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Largest Manufacturer of Chokes
Product Features:
  • Helical Porting - produces ideal pellet distribution and recoll reduction
  • Long Parallel section - for shot stabilization, maximum downrange payload and high pattern density
  • Ideal for any Hunting Scenario with either non-toxic shot, or Lead
  • Made for the specific bore size of your firearm Made of Aircraft Quality 17-4 stainless steel
  • Ultra-tough, Low Glare QPQ Finish
  • Cleans easily due to QPQ finish Rugged Robust design with added structure to accommodate non-toxic shot.
Made in the USA

Utilizing today's most modern machining technology, the strongest exotic materials available, and over 40 years of research and development focusing on shotgun chokes and perfect pattern development, Jess Briley Manufacturing is proud to present the Briley Helix Hunter series of chokes. The Briley Helix Hunter series of chokes are the most technologically advanced non-toxic hunting chokes available today.

The Briley Helix Hunter Choke represents the culmination of countless years of research stemming from both the clay target ranges as well as the waterfowl marshes to bring the market the ultimate hunting choke. The Briley Helix Hunter series of chokes uses the same Helix porting technology from our infinitely successful line of Helix clay target chokes to help produce a perfect pattern with any type of non-toxic shot. In addition to the Helix porting our engineers have incorporated a very specific array of internal geometry which has been designed to give the absolute best performance with any type of non-toxic shot.

In addition to the performance from the Briley Helix Hunter we wanted to make it simple to use as well. There are only three sizes of chokes: 1, 2, and 3. The chokes are labeled accordingly on the head of the choke with a corresponding series of dots. The dots are highly visible for ease of Identification and machined right into the head of the choke to eliminate the possibility of the markings being easily rubbed off or worn down over time.

The number 1 Is the close-range choke meant for teal and timber hunting or large ducks over decoys for those close-range shots out to about 25 yards or less.
The number 2 choke is the mid-range choke used for larger ducks in more open areas and mid-range passing shots from 25-45 yards. The number 3 choke is specially designed for those long range shots on open water from 45+ yards, as well as long shots on geese or cranes. Here is a chart to make it a little easier: