Briley Trigger Shoes - For Benelli and Franchi

Price: $29.95
100% Made in the USA
40+ Years in Business
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The wider trigger shoe increases the surface area over the original. This additional leverage allows the trigger pull to feel lighter than it actually is. The shoes are made of aluminum and anodized in several colors.

Fits the following:
Benelli Semi-Automatics (does not fit Ethos), and only Pre 2023 M2 models.
Franchi Affinity, Intensity, I-12

Fitting Instructions:
To install shoe first make sure that the small set screws are backed fully out of the inner channel. Slide shoe over the trigger ensuring that the roll pin is behind the bottom of the trigger.  Once aligned push shoe back to make sure it is firmly against the inside of the trigger . Lock down the set screws. It is recommended that you apply medium thread locker (Blue) to the set screws before you lock them down on the trigger.

Make sure that the shoe is not contacting anywhere on the trigger guard once fitted. Always check and make sure the firearm is unloaded and safe before attempting to fit any accessory to it. For additional information or help please call or email Briley Manufacturing.

Any trigger shoe that is going onto factory triggers will not include a roll pin, as one is not necessary.