OSP “Perfecting Your Gun Mount” Video (V4/OSP)

Price: $24.95
What Gil and Vicki Have to say about this DVD:
“It is impossible to be consistent or successful with a shotgun without having a consistent move and mount. We have said many times that you will never shoot better than the quality of your basic move and mount. Developing a consistent move and mount takes a lot of practice and you can practice it correctly or incorrectly. In this DVD you will understand what the move and mount is, what it looks like, and how to practice it on and off the field. Yes you can practice your move and mount at home using the OSP Flashlight Drill and dramatically improve your consistency. In this DVD we go into more detail on the move and mount and the OSP Flashlight Drill than on any other DVD we have produced.”

Highlights include:
The importance of the gun mount.
How to maintain focus while mounting the gun to your face.
The OSP Shooting System.
The OSP Flashlight Drill.
Understanding the two moves when shooting a shotgun.