OSP “How to Practice & Understanding the Move” Video (V2/OSP)

Price: $49.95
What Gil and Vicki Have to say about this DVD:
“One of the biggest mistakes we see shooters make is that they don’t practice correctly. Instead of practicing the basic fundamentals they go and shoot the course and think they are practicing. In this DVD we go over what to practice, how to really practice and why. It is designed to help the intermediate shooter take his or her game to the next level. In coaching the thousands of people that we have coached we find that whether you shoot in the 60’s or 90’s when you have a problem it is a breakdown in one of the basic fundamentals of shooting. Once you have discovered the source of the problem you must practice it into your game and knowing how to practice is one of the most basic of fundamentals.”

Highlights include:
Learn 6 different trajectories in Sporting Clays – how to recognize them and how to master them.
How to control risk in your shot by developing your move to the target.
How to practice your shooting.Improve your move = improve your score.
The quality and consistency of your move and mount has more to do with the consistency of your scores than any other one thing.