Mattarelli Midi Testa Rossa

Price: $3,095.00
100% Made in the USA
40+ Years in Business
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Largest Manufacturer of Chokes
The Midi Testa Rosa is a crowning achievement in our Sporting Clays Model Line. Coil spring powered and assembled in the U.S.A, this fully adjustable machine will make your course changing a painless and brisk process.

Release System:
12V release

Machine Base Adjustment:
Horizontal, vertical, and cant.

Height:v Max. 80 cm (31.1/2")

Weight:v 70 Kg. (155 Ibs)

Tilt Range:
35° in elevation to the L/R

Target Capacity:

Power: Available in 12V D.C.

*Buyer pays actual freight