Franchi Affinity Match Triggers

Price: $295.00
Manufacturer:Briley MFG
Please note, this is not a drop-in part.  We will need your trigger group to be modified. Please click here to be directed to the gunsmithing form that you MUST PRINT AND SEND IN with your trigger.

Finally there is a trigger worthy of your favorite automatic shotgun!
This trigger comes as close as it can to that found in a fine European style over and under shotgun and should certainly re-kindle positive thoughts of using an automatic. Crisp, light and you will marvel at how quickly it resets with minimal travel. With the use of computer assisted design we have been able to accurately dial in the engagements resulting in desired trigger pulls. 

Converting your trigger to match potential is easy!

Remove your Trigger Group:  

Package your trigger well and ship it:

  • Made of high quality tool steel, machined and wired to exacting tolerances and heat treated to 52 Rockwell C hardness
  • Trigger sets will be available in both long and short length of pull (Length of Pull is the distance from the center of the trigger to the center of the rear of the pad).  Short LOP is factory and Long LOP moves the trigger forward .25"
  • Adjustable in that they are set to have minimal pre and after fire travel. This allows for a minimum time from fire to reset thus allowing quicker split times shot to shot resulting in minimal trigger freeze.
  • Engagements have also been improved to allow for better, smoother, and crisper releases.
  • TITANIUM NITRIDE finish to improve lubricity.
Price includes installation.

Please note, this requires you to send us your trigger group for conversion.  This is not a drop in replacement trigger group.   If you would like to purchase an A&S housing and a match trigger from Briley, and have us install both simultaneously, there is no additional charge to convert to the A&S housing.  

922r Compliant
All the components of this trigger replacement are 922r compliant. The parts are fully manufactured here at Briley Manufacturing in Houston, Texas using material also manufactured in the USA.  Hammer, disconnector and trigger are USA made parts.

Franchi Affinity and Intensity 12 and 20 gauge only

International Customers, please note: before sending your trigger assembly, please contact us first. Export permits are required for certain countries and may incur additional cost.