Briley Browning Modular Shotgun Magazine Extension with Barrel Clamp (+4 or +6 Rounds) 12 Gauge (BPS 3", 3.5" Chamber, Vintage A5)

Price: $144.95
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Briley now offers a new magazine extension that allows the gun to be used with either 8 or 10 shots. It is essentially a 8 shot extension with a short coupling that extends it to 10 shots. One simply removes the end cap off of the 8 shot tube, fits the short extension to it and then screws the end cap to the short extension. The unit is supplied with a barrel clamp which we recommend you clamp to the extension at the joint area when using the 10 shot extension. When using the 8 shot extensions remove the clamp completely or move it further back.

Tube and clamp are both made from 6061 aluminum and black anodized. The barrel clamp will also allow the attachment of a sling swivel. The extension is supplied with a magazine tube spring.


Browning BPS 3" Chamber, BPS 3.5" models built after 1998 ONLY, Vintage A5.

Please note, a magazine clamp WILL NOT WORK with the old style A5 shotguns due to the reciprocating barrel design