Briley Browning BPS Shotgun Magazine Extension (All 10ga BPS and Pre 1998 12 Gauge 3.5")

Price: $135.00
This extension allows you to increase the ammunition capacity of the shotgun. The extension is made of tough 6061 aluminum. This allows the tube to have a large wall thickness to improve rigidity without compromising overall weight. The tube screws down on the magazine and locks the fore end in place. The extension is supplied with a magazine tube spring.

10 Gauge Browning BPS
Pre 1998 12 gauge 3.5" BPS Models

Overall Length:
+2 shots - 7.000"
+4 shots - 11.375"
+6 shots - 13.500"

Note, this shotgun should be the same size as a BPS 10 Gauge.