Side-Kick 2.0 Chamber Inserts Complete Set 20GA, 28GA, and .410 Bore

Side-Kick 2.0 Chamber Inserts Complete Set 20GA, 28GA, and .410 Bore

We just put some “SPURS” on our Sidekicks! 

Briley has enhanced the ballistics of our sidekicks by adding a little length. The 6.5” aluminum alloy extensions (11 3/8" overall length) are configured using Briley “Ultra-light Technology”, same as our premium full length tube sets. This keeps the weight down to a negligible unnoticeable difference. So for those who are seeking a compact sub-gauge tube set capable of delivering a pulverizing blast, the Sidekick 2.0 in just what you want. Oh, one other thing, it’s a looker as each gauge (20, 28, and .410) is color coded……….

For 12 Gauge O/U and SxS barrels. The set includes 20 Ga, 28 Ga and 410 Bore and comes with a carrying case, a hammer and extended knock out rod. Simply drop the side-kick tube into the chamber of your barrel, line up the extractors with the ejectors, lightly tap into place and you are ready to go. Approximate weight per set: 20 ga 7.3 oz; 28 ga 9.2 oz; 410 bore 8.4 oz.

Please note that you may need to have a trigger conversion so your triggers will reset due to the low recoil of the 410 ammunition.

The tensioning method that is employed to retain it in the chamber is a nylon "button" that is implanted into the side of the chamber.

Attention Browning 725 owners: Please note that due to the lighter recoil and additional weight of the tubes, the factory trigger may not function properly. A modification to the way it operates is required to be able to shoot small gauge. We must have the complete gun to complete this modification. The cost of this service is $195 plus return shipping and insurance.

Attention Benelli 828U Owners:  these will not extract shells.


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