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***Please note, we do not work on ANY class 3 firearms. 

Action Work
Action Job (click to view) $105.00
Convert auto safety to manual $95.00
Drill & tap per hole $65.00
Ejector fitted & timed
Makes both your ejectors fire at the same time
Beretta EZ lever supplied & installed $120.00
Benelli EZ lever supplied & installed $125.00
Make New Firing Pin
(made from a blank piece of steel)
Inertia Conversion for Inertia Systems
Makes your second barrel ready to fire with a minimum amount of recoil, suitable for firing 410 bore shells.
Most models $140.00
Beretta DT10, Beretta  DT11, Browning 725, and Caesar Guerini models. $195.00
K-32 adjustable trigger shoe conversion (K-80 style) (click to view) $295.00
Open Loading Port (click to view) $195.00
Perazzi adjustable trigger shoe conversion (includes gold plating) (click to view) $395.00
Rejoint action & tighten forearm
This is a tightening process where your existing barrels are fitted tighter to your receiver.
Strip & clean (auto or pump) (click to view) $95.00
Strip & clean (O/U or S/S) (click to view) $150.00
Strip & clean (premium shotgun) $225.00
Trigger job (per side) (an O/U or S/S has two triggers) (No trigger work on Browning Cynergy) $95.00

Barrel Work
Back bore (per hole)
The inside diameter is opened to a specific size
Barrel fitted to receiver $475.00+
Bead installed (includes drilling & tapping) $65.00
Bore match
We bore out the smaller barrel to match the inside diameter of the other barrel, so both bores are exactly the same diameter.
Carrier Barrel (customer provides barrel)
The maximum amount of inside barrel material is removed in an effort to make the barrel weigh the same as it did before a sub-gauge tube set is installed. This makes the barrel unable to fire 12 ga. shells.
Chamber sleeve (same gauge) each
A chamber sleeve is inserted then made to the correct size. This is done when a chamber is over sized or damaged.
Chamber sleeve (down one gauge) each
The existing chamber of a shotgun barrel is down-sized one ga, ie 12 ga to 16 ga.
Choke Alterations (per hole)
Modify your existing fixed choke to a more open restriction.
Cut, crown & reinstall bead $75.00
Cut & crown barrel, install ramp sight $350.00
Cut & crown barrel, and reinstall hanger $450.00
Dent or budge removed & lap bore
Not all dents or bulges can be removed depending on the location and severity.
to $150.00
Drill & tap per hole $65.00
Ejector fitted & timed (each) $200.00
Engine turn (jewelling) $125.00+
Gas ports opened on autoloader $95.00
Headspace Rings (per hole)
This is done to correct a headspace problem which is usually too deep.
Lengthen chambers to 3” (subject to inspection) (each chamber) $95.00
Lengthen forcing cone (click to view)
The step between the chamber & barrel is removed creating a smooth taper which is then polished. This aids in the reduction in recoil and improves the shot pattern.
Polish bore (each) $95.00
Polish chamber (each) $95.00
Port auto or pump barrel  (Click to view) $105.00
Port both barrels (O/U)  (Click to view) $175.00
Quote / estimate / evaluation fee (waived if work is performed) $65.00
Replace front or mid bead $65.00
Remove stuck choke (Click to view) $75.00+
Sling swivel installed (parts not included) $125.00
Shoot for point of impact
Makes sure that the point of impact is in line with the sights
Strip & relay ribs
Your existing ribs are removed and then soldered back in place. This process includes a reblue.

Bluing Polished (Hot Salt)
Barrel only (O/U or S/S) $400.00
Barrel only (auto or pump) $375.00
Action & forearm $475.00
Receiver Only (O/U, S/S, Auto, Pump) $400.00
For high polish add $150.00+
Bluing Satin Bead Blast (Hot Salt)
Barrel only (O/U, S/S, Auto, Pump) $350.00
Receiver Only (O/U, S/S, Auto, Pump) $350.00
Brown Damascus Barrel $650.00
Stock only $300.00
Complete Shotgun (O/U, S/S, auto, or pump) $450.00
Case color receiver $700.00
Electroless nickel receiver $700.00
French grey $750.00
Gold plate trigger (each) $150.00
Parkerizing (most guns) $300.00
Rust Blue Barrel (slow rust) $500.00
Rust Blue Receiver (slow rust) $500.00

Stock Work
Adjustable comb installed (most guns) $400.00
Stock Bending $140.00
Adjustable recoil pad plate (most guns and includes Kick Eez pad) $325.00
Pad installation (includes pad) (Click to view before and after)
Kickeez (black) or Pachmayr (black or brown) $125.00
Leather $450.00
Spacers (each) $15.00
Recoil Systems
GRACO Gracoil GC15S $550.00
GRACO Gracoil GC15LP (Adjustable Length of Pull) $600.00
Refinishing & repairing