Care and Warranty Information

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty is available at no cost to the original owner (with original registration and/or original invoice. This warranty covers any defect in materials, construction or workmanship.

Damage due to improper reloads, bore obstruction, or any alteration to the original product or bore/chamber or the original firearm. This list is not intended to be all inclusive.

Shipping charges
to and from Briley Manufacturing and any other cost incurred are the responsibility of the owner.

The warranty is transferrable to any future owner should the original ownership change. The new owner must send the original registration card and the entire gun and tube set to Briley manufacturing for inspection and validation. There is a $250 Fee to transfer the warranty.  The tubes MUST be serialized to the gun to be transferred.

Tube Set Care
Briley anodized aluminum tube sets are specially fitted to specified barrels in specific guns. They are not interchangeable. Do not try to fit or shoot them in firearms other than the one for which they were built. The last few digits of your gun's serial number are engraved on your set of tubes. Please also note that one tube has been made for the top barrel and one for the bottom, for each gauge. When inserting your tubes, be certain to put them in the correct barrel.

Your tubes will slide into place easily, except for the last inch or so. Before snugging a tube into place, line up the tube's extractor with the shotgun's ejector. Use the plastic mallet to snug the tubes flush with the barrel. The knock out tool should be used only to remove the tubes.

Keep the outside of your tubes clean with a soft rag and any standard gun solvent. The cleaner you keep the outside of your tube and inside of your barrels, the less wear you will experience and the longer your tubes will last. Clean the inside of your tubes with soft rags, solvents and soft brass brushes. Tornado type brushes are not recommended. The inside of your tubes is highly polished anodized aluminum, not steel.

 Use no grease on your tube set. The outside should be lubricated with a very light gun oil, then wiped with a clean, slightly oily cloth prior to insertion in the barrels. It is important to keep your shotgun's barrels clean, otherwise excessive wear can result.

Care for your Briley tube set as you would any fine, precision piece of equipment, and it will reward you with years of trouble-free service.

 Regarding Reloads We encourage the use of factory loads or the equivalent reloading and resizing. Your tubes were designed for use with factory target loads only. You are the only one able to ensure the quality and safety of your reload.