Choke FAQ

What is a Briley choke?
The best chokes made on Earth! Our chokes are completely made in the USA, with tight tolerances, classic and modern designs, always with the shooter in mind.

What is a Briley diffusion choke?
A Briley Diffusion choke is a rifled choke designed to spin the wad and disperse the pattern about 5% more quickly. In other words, it acts as a spreader choke. They can be located under most extended choke categories.

You do not make chokes for my shotgun. Can they be custom made?
Yes, please see our custom choke prices here. ow do I know what constriction I need? Please see our choke charts here to help determine your needs.

How do I know what chokes I need for my shotgun?
Please view manufacturers, gauges and types here. – there is no link here.

Can I shoot non-toxic shot through my replacement chokes?
All Briley replacement chokes up to and including improved modified will handle steel, tungsten, etc. Briley replacement Helix, Plasma, and Titanium chokes are LEAD ONLY. Briley Thin Wall chokes must state FOR STEEL on the side of the choke. If not, then only lead or bismuth shot may be used. If you are unsure, please check with your sales representative.