12 Gauge


Browning firearms in 12ga can have one of the following 3 types of chokes:

Browning Invector which are about 1 ½” long with threads at the bottom of the choke

Browning Invector DS which are about 3 ¼” long with the threads at the top

Browning Invector Plus which are about 2 ½” long with threads at the bottom.

Choose the type of choke your firearm uses from the list below. Each picture next to the scale represents a flush choke for each different type. Pay attention to where the threads are located on the body of your choke in relation to the pictures, as well as the size on the scale.

Note: Most Browning firearms have a stamp on either the barrel of autos, or the monoblock of over and unders that will state what type of choke the firearms takes.

Note on Invector DS Chokes: Browning factory chokes have a brass ring for a gas seal at the bottom of the choke, on Briley Replacements for Invector DS there is a ring machined directly in the steel of the choke’s body which performs the same sealing function. This may look a little different, but rest assured this is the correct choke.