Gold Label SxS (Custom Thinwall) 12R VX

Gold Label SxS (Custom Thinwall) 12R VX
Chokes for your gun will have to be custom made by using one of your factory chokes as a sample. We can duplicate that choke to any constriction you want flush or extended. 

Custom flush choke $75 each Custom 
Extended choke (maximum length of 1 inch) $95 each 
Custom extended choke (maximum length of 2 inches) $135 each 

Spectrum bands, Porting, and Black Oxide are also available at additional cost to the extended choke. 
Spectrum bands $10
Porting $20
Blox (black oxide) $5

Custom Helix $140
Custom Titanium $140
Custom Plasma $145

Please send your sample choke with a letter of instruction, including your name, address, and daytime phone number to: 
Briley Mfg.
Attn: Custom Chokes
1230 Lumpkin Rd
Houston, TX 77043

Custom chokes take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete. You can include a check, money order, or credit card info, or we can call for the card info. when we receive the choke. 
Please E-mail any questions to [email protected]