Tube Set Recall

410 Sub-Gauge Tube Set Recall
 As a precaution, we are recalling all 410 tube sets manufactured between May of 2019 and May of 2020 whose bore sizes exceed .425. We have identified the material mill run batch that is the source of our concern. Three incidents of split tubes have recently appeared, which led to this decision. We believe it to be a material/wall thickness problem and needs to be corrected. We have identified all the serial numbers involved and are reaching out to make corrections. Failure to address this may lead to tube splits. If damaged tube is not corrected, continued shooting (of damaged tube) could result in damage to shotgun barrel, or possibly bodily injury. Please contact us immediately to have your tubes repaired!

 How do I proceed?
We have reached out to all customers who have sets within this recall according to our records. However, contact Briley immediately (713) 932-6995, 1 (800) 331-5718, or at [email protected]. If our records indicate that this barrel is part of the recall, then our staff will send you a prepaid shipping label to send in .410 tubes and chokes (shotgun barrel is not needed) for tube replacement. The turnaround will be almost instant as your phone call will trigger the manufacturing process based off dimensions in our database. We are hoping to turn around your replacement set as quickly as possible.

Its History…
Unintended consequences…This material issue is attributed, as a byproduct, of the trade US/China trade wars. With foreign tariffs came exponential domestic material demands. Our domestic sources we have always used quoted twelve to eighteen months delivery dates. Even then, deliveries were late. This led us to find other domestic mill sources which resulted in this single batch of concern. The problems have been corrected. We do recognize how inconvenient this is. We ask for your patience and as always, we are grateful for your cooperation. Please call us or contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.