410 Gauge Side by Side Choke Installation


Choke Installation BOTH BARRELS with 5 screw in chokes
Flush Lead / Bismuth $599
Extended Lead / Bismuth $749
Flush Steel Shot / Tungsten / All Shot $699
Extended Steel Shot / Tungsten / All Shot $849

Choke Installation ONE BARREL (Over and Under or Unsingle ONLY) with 3 screw in chokes
Flush Lead / Bismuth Lead $399
Extended Lead / Bismuth Lead $489
Flush Steel Shot / Tungsten Lead $449
Extended Steel Shot / Tungsten Lead $539

Upgrades to Above Packages
Black Oxide Chokes +$8 per choke
Spectrum Chokes +$15 per choke
Port Chokes +$25 per choke
Diffusion (flush only) +$20 per choke

Additional Chokes (price per choke)
Flush: Lead only $59.95 / All Shot Types $79.95
Extended: Lead only $89.95 / All Shot Types $109.95
Spectrum: Lead only $104.95 / All Shot Types $124.95
Diffusion (flush only): Lead only $79.95 
Turkey Choke (straight rifled): Lead only $94.95 
Eccentric Chokes: Available

If you have your barrel choked with thin wall chokes, you can order additional chokes HERE.

Threading ONLY with NO CHOKES
$195 Per Hole

Cut, Crown and Reinstall Bead 
If needed, $95