Invector DS

Chokes for your gun will have to be custom made by using one of your factory chokes as a sample. We can duplicate that choke to any constriction you want flush or extended. 

Custom flush choke $75 each Custom extended choke (maximum length of 1 inch) $95 each Custom extended choke (maximum length of 2 inches) $125 each 

Spectrum bands, Porting, and Black Oxide are also available at additional cost to the extended choke. 
Spectrum bands $10
Porting $20
Blox $5

Please send your sample choke with a letter of instruction, including your name, address, and daytime phone number to: 
Briley Mfg.
Attn: Custom Chokes
1230 Lumpkin Rd
Houston, TX 77043

Custom chokes take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete. You can include a check, money order, or credit card info, or we can call for the card info. when we receive the choke. 
Please E-mail any questions to [email protected]