Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x44 MC Black

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Manufacturer:Zeiss(Carl)Optical Co Inc
Carl Zeiss has a long and illustrious history that begins in Germany in 1846. Since their inception, they have been known to be leaders in the world of optical designs and fine mechanics. Purchasing and using a riflescope from the creators of many of the world’s most revered optical and mechanical designs ensures satisfaction, confidence and appreciation for how a truly fine optic can enhance your outdoor experience. Heading out at dawn or dusk puts you on the trail when most game is on the move. During these times, light is at a premium and the Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x44 Riflescope ponies up all the performance features you’ll need to take home that trophy. State-of-the-art multicoated Carl Zeiss optics keep your line of sight bright, sharp, and rich with subtle, yet important, details. Its one inch tube and 44mm objective ensure a conservative profile and excellent levels of light transmission. Carl Zeiss’ technologically advanced multicoating process minimizes glare and flare for crystal clear viewing under difficult lighting conditions. Flexibility isn’t lost on this scope, as it handles most hunting scenarios with ease. At the low end of the magnification range you’ll experience a generous field of view, while dialing up to maximum power puts you in position to handle targets at longer ranges with ease. This combination enables you to move from brush to open field without concern for your ability to sight in on your target. For those hunters who want one scope that can handle all their hunting scenarios, with no compromise in quality, the Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x44 puts you on target every time.

Key Features
Parallax free at 100 yd Low profile hunting turrets Nitrogen purged for water and fog proof performance 1.0" Single piece main tube is durable and lightweight 3.5-10x Magnification offers versatility in the woods and open fields Multicoated Lenses Carl Zeiss MC multicoating on all glass-to-air surfaces for maximum transmission, color fidelity and brilliance. Legendary Zeiss Optics Carl Zeiss precision ground optics deliver detailed images with high contrast Rapid-Z 800 Reticle in the Second Focal Plane The Rapid-Z 800 ballistic reticle is configured with three floating posts at 6, 9 and 3 o’clock, with cross hairs. Leading toward the edge of your sight picture from each post is a series of hash-marks that end before they reach the edge of your sight picture. At 12 o’clock you’ll see another series of floating hash-marks. Upon the 6 o’clock stadia, there are a number of graduated tick-marks for long-range bullet drop calculation. This design offers a very clear line-of-sight, with a generous view of the area surrounding your target. The tick and hash marks ensure that your point of aim will be your point of impact when targeting at great distances. The illumination feature provides the hash-marks with a brilliant red glow when needed. This is the 800 yd version of the Rapid-Z reticle; the hash-marks are defined for accurate range-estimation out to 800 yd. Second focal plane positioning: The reticle does not magnify when the scope’s power is dialed up.