Elfipa Wireless Skeet Voice Release

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Your Price: $1,200.00
The Elfipa Skeet Release is a wireless voice release system that automatically sequences through singles and doubles on the skeet range. The System includes the transmitter that the shooter(s) move from station to station as they progrees through the field. Also included are two receivers, one for each house, that are easily installed for simple voice release operation.
This voice skeet release was designed for skeet training. Can be used by one or multiple shooters. Its memory features all the sequences you need for each skeet station.
They include the follow sequences;
High House, Low House, Doubles
High House, Low House
High House Only
Low House Only
Doubles Only
And an option function as well as a bird function.

Front Panel controls also offer a shooter the ability to control sound sensitivity as well as delays ranging from immediate to a small delay.

While this product was designed for training purposes in a pinch it can serve as a tool in a small tournament. Also can be used on a private wobble or ATA trap field! This product has wide variations of uses.