Coin Box - 5 Stand (Controls 8 Trap or Skeet Stations)

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Coin Box - 5 Stand (Controls 8 Trap or Skeet Stations)
Your Price: $1,250.00
Item Number: COIN5
Connect your 5 Stand Machines to a coin box.

1. Eight relay capacity (One box can operate up to eight traps

2. Set the token value 1-99 Targets per

3. The first token can be set for a
different value than the following tokens.

4. The system can be bypassed for tournaments and used as a counter.

5. Available in 12 volt or 110 AC release systems.

6. Is voice release compatible

7. Economically Efficient
-Revenue will increase 20%-40%
-Up to 15% of tokens will never get used due to people losing or misplacing them.
-Total Inventory Control

8. Coin Specifications
-5 different coin sizes
-Coins have lazer marked initials so we can control migration and for internal control.
-Coin receivers can be changed
-Coins are only $.39 each

Please note: When ordering we must know if the release on the traps are AC or DC so that we may build the relays to be compatible with coin boxes.
BEOMAT and Superstar - 110AC release
Western and Pat Trap - AC
Mattarelli - DC
Laport - AC or DC