Wireless Coin Box

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Wireless Features
  1. Wireless release
    Release is compatible with all types of skeet traps.
  2. Less mess!
    No more having to replace cords, no more dragging wires around!
  3. Ease of use
    Easily changes from instant release, 3 second delay, or international variable delay. 15 different RF channels allows up to 15 fields.
  4. Multifunctional
    Can also be used on a skeet/trap overlay field by simply flipping a toggle.

Coin Box Features
  1. Coin count down to zero
    After coins are inserted, targets may be released, the counter counts down to zero, at which time no more targets can be released until additional coins are inserted.
  2. Reload Trap LED light indicator.
    This feature counts the birds in the magazine and lets staff know how many targets are still in magazine as well as turning on a light when you have fewer than 100 targets left in the magazine.
  3. Coin by-pass option
    This option allows management to by pass the coin operations mode for tournament or teaching sessions.
  4. Delay function **solo pull
    This feature allows you to switch it to a delay 2.5 second delay release for shooters wishing to shoot alone.
    Zero to 3 seconds random delay for those wishing to shoot international skeet.
  6. Life Time target count**
    This lifetime count displays the total number of targets shot through the coin box. An excellent inventory control feature.
  7. First Coin special value option; otherwise known as Z count.
    Although seldom used, this feature allows one to have the very first coin register a different value than all subsequent coins.
  8. ATA voice release compatible
    This system is compatible to use with all voice release systems.
  9. Double Count Feature Option
    Use for ATA Trap Doubles. The coin box counts two each time the ATA trap pull cord or voice release is engaged.
  10. Auto Zero option
    Controls can be set to zero out counter if field remains unused so non paying shooters can’t shooter unused targets left by previous shooters.
    Quick Install Hint
    If you are like me, you hate to read instructions. For those who just want to get it installed and not know what every terminal is, just stick with the color coding and ignore the rest. First, you are going to need a 12 volt DC power supply because the coin box operates on 12 volt. Connect power to bottom two terminals on the right of the mother board located at the front door. Radio Shack has the 12 converters 1000 MA.

    Skeet only….follow the directions that are colored in Green.

    Trap only….. follow the directions that are colored in Burgundy.

    Trap and Skeet.. follow the directions that are colored in Green and Burgundy.

    Download the full installation instructions and diagrams HERE